What is Totepool?

Totepool was founded in 1928 and is the exclusive pool betting operator on UK horse racing. Today we have a presence at 56 racecourses across the country and provide a full range of pool betting products at over 1,450 UK race meetings every year.

In a very competitive market, Totepool provides customers an alternative to fixed odds betting, offering a wide range of unique single race and multi race bets with the opportunity to win life changing amounts for just a small stake.

In 2011, Totepool became part of the Betfred Group and received significant investment in terms of infrastructure and innovation to further strengthen it’s position as one of the world’s leading pool betting operators.

Totepool betting works much like a lottery. All of the money staked goes into a pool which is then shared between all winners. So the payout (or dividend) depends on how many winning tickets there are. The fewer winning tickets there are the more the payout will be.

Dividends are declared to a £1 stake after each race so you don’t get fixed odds but betting with Totepool can often pay more than the bookies.

How to place your bet at a racecourse
For all single race bets, you can simply call over the details of your selections at any Totepool betting position, by stating the following:

  • Your stake
  • The type of bet
  • Your horse number (s)
  • The race number
  • The race meeting

For example “A £5 toteexacta on horses 4 & 6 in race 2 at Ascot please.”

For all multiple race bets you will need to complete a play slip, available at all Totepool betting positions, as follows:

  • Mark your horse selections in each race using the racecard numbers
  • Mark your unit stake. If you have selected one horse in each leg then this will be the total cost of your bet
  • You can increase your chances of winning by selecting more than one horse in each race. This will increase the total cost of your bet
  • For example, calculate your total number of bets by multiplying the number of selections in each leg together – 2x1x2x3x1x1 = 12. Then multiply your total bets by your unit stake to calculate your total stake. 12 selections x 50p unit stake = £6

Totepool Bets

There are two types of Totepool bets.

Single race bets are placed on and determined by one race and range from simply picking the winner of the race to correctly selecting the first three past the post.

Multi race bets are the big money makers where you need to make a correct selection in more than one race.

More information on Totepool bets can be found below…

The Scoop6 is available every Saturday and also at the big festival meetings throughout the year. We select six races from a range of race meetings and you need to pick the winners.

With the Scoop6 there are three ways to win. The Win Fund requires you to correctly pick the six winners. If all six of your selections finish placed you have the consolation of the Place Fund.

If your are lucky enough to pick all six winners you qualify to play for the Bonus Fund the following Saturday. To scoop the lot you have one shot at picking the winner of the selected bonus race.

Scoop6 races are announced before 12pm (Midday) the day before racing.

Scoop6 average dividends

Win Fund                – £160,743 (won 13 times)
Biggest dividend – £762,120 (4/4/15)

Place Fund              – £593
Biggest dividend – £5,087 (18/7/15)

Bonus Fund             – £287,849 (won 2 times)
Biggest dividend – £570,741 (23/5/15)

(01/04/15 – 31/03/16)

The Jackpot is available on six selected races each and every day. Picking six winners may sound like a difficult task but the rewards can be huge and there are often big money rollovers to be played for.

Visit totepoolliveinfo.com for today’s selected races.

Jackpot average dividend – £23,082 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)

Jackpot biggest dividend – £138,041 (14/4/15)


The Placepot is one of the most popular bets in racing and it’s easy to see why. All you need is a placed horse in the first six races to win. So you can win without actually backing a winner.

The Placepot is available at every race meeting in the UK every day with pools at the big festival meetings often topping £1 million.

The number of places in each race depends on the number of runners in the race.

Number of runners Number of places
4 or less 1st
5, 6 or 7 1st & 2nd
8 or more runners 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Handicap with 16 or more runners 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Placepot average dividend – £493 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)

Placepot biggest dividend – £91.774 (11/12/15)


The Quadpot is the Placepot’s little brother and works exactly the same on races 3, 4, 5 & 6 at every race meeting every day.

A great bet if your Placepot has gone down early.

Quadpot average dividend – £59 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)
Quadpot biggest dividend – £6,391 (28/2/16)


Our brand new bet where picking the winner of three consecutive races can win you big money. Currently available at a selected meeting on Saturday and big festival meetings.

Treble average dividend – £817 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)
Treble record dividend – £7,408 (18/6/15)


Similar to the Treble where you need to pick the winner of two consecutive races. Currently available at a selected meeting on weekends and big festival meetings.

Double average dividend – £180 (1/10/14 – 30/9/15)
Double record dividend – £3,897 (15/4/15)


ToteWin is very simple and all you need to do is pick the winner of the race. ToteWin is available on every race at every UK and Irish meeting every day and is a great alternative to taking a price or SP (Starting Price) betting.

ToteWin often pays more than the bookmakers and regularly beats SP, particularly on the bigger priced horses.


TotePlace is available on all races with five runners or more and requires you to pick a horse to be finish placed. The number of places in each race is determined by the number of runners in the race, just like the Placepot and Quadpot.

An ideal bet if there is a strong favourite in the race and you fancy your selection to finish in the frame.


A ToteEachway bet combines a ToteWin and TotePlace and as such your total stake will be doubled. Available on all races with five or more runners.


To win an Exacta you need to correctly pick the 1st and 2nd in the correct order. Available on all races with three runners or more and is a great bet when there is a short priced favourite or you fancy two horses in the same race.

A Straight Exacta requires both of your selections to finish in the order given and the unit cost will be the total cost.

A Reverse Exacta is where your selections can finish 1st and 2nd in any order. This will cost double the amount of a Straight Exacta as there are two combinations of bets – horse A to beat horse B and horse B to beat horse A.

Exacta average dividend – £59 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)

Exacta record dividend – £6,245 (18/3/11)


The Trifecta is a popular bet where you can win big for a small stake by correctly selecting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the correct order. Available on all races with three runners or more it may sound difficult but the returns can be huge.

A Straight Trifecta requires all three of your selections to finish in the order given and the unit cost will be the total cost.

A Reverse Trifecta is where your selections can finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order. This will multiply your unit cost by six as there are six combinations of bets.

Trifecta average dividend – £739 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)

Trifecta record dividend – £69,606 (14/4/12)


The Swinger is our most fun bet and gives your three chances to win on all races with six runners or more.

Simply pick two horses to finish in the first three in any order and you are a winner. Your selections can finish 1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 3rd so you can win without actually picking a winner.

Swinger average dividend – £10 (1/4/15 – 31/3/16)

Swinger record dividend – £2,216 (4/4/09)


Quick and easy betting is available on all Totepool bets with our Quickpick service. Simply choose your bet type and stake and ask for a Quickpick.

Our clever computer will select for you, just like a lucky dip. A great way to bet if you are struggling to pick winners.

Flexi betting is also available where you can pick as many horses as you like and tell us how much you want to spend. We calculate your unit stake and your potential dividend will be displayed as a percentage.

Racecourse Promotions

Have you tried a Quickpick wallet yet?

Our Quickpick wallets are now available at all race meetings across the country! We make betting easy with a range of pre selected lucky dip bets packed in a handy wallet to keep safe. With five different bets included for £10 it’s the perfect way to have an interest on all the races throughout the day. Look out for our roaming sales team or ask for your wallet at any Totepool window.

Try our new PlacepotQuadpot slip!

Our PlacepotQuadpot slip is here! Play your two favouroite Totepool bets on one new easy slip! Insure the last four legs of your Placepot by simply crossing the box to add a Quadpot. It’s that simple! Can you pick placed horses and win big with us on the new PlacepotQuadpot slip?

Chip and Pin betting is here!

Our new and improved Chip and Pin betting service is now available at all racecourses. It’s quick and easy and there’s no more queuing for the cash point as we offer upto £50 cashback available at no additional cost. £10 minimum spend per transaction.

Totepool vouchers

Heading to the races? You can now purchase Totepool betting vouchers in advance.
For all enquiries please contact our friendly team on 01925 853975 or email tote.vouchers@betfred.com.
Delivery is quick and easy and payment can be made over the phone.


Tweets by Totepool

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Working for Totepool


We are always looking for good people to join our racecourse team throughout the UK. You could be working at world famous events such as the Cheltenham Festival, Aintree Grand National, Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot, Qatar Goodwood Festival and the York Ebor Festival.

Work is allocated on a casual basis, so you can plan work around your life. Also, racing takes place on weekdays, weekends, afternoons and evenings so offers great flexibility.

Using a simple touch screen terminal you will sell and pay out on winning bets, offering great customer service, while enjoying yourself in a fun and friendly environment. Cash handling experience would be an advantage and comprehensive training will be provided. There is also the potential for further career opportunities within Totepool.

In return we offer excellent rates of pay and a fantastic working experience.

We need positive, hardworking people who can deliver service with a smile!

If you fit the bill, complete this Application Form and send to totepool.jobs@betfred.com


Totepoolliveinfo.com is the place to be for all the latest pool sizes, dividends, rollovers and latest news. It’s a great tool to use when following your multi leg bets like the Placepot and Jackpot to see how many units are left in the bet and what horses are most popular in the next race.
You can also download the Tote Live Info App from the AppStore now!

Click the banner below to view the most up to date infomation on today’s pools!



Racing’s millionaire maker!
Available only on Saturdays and feature festival meetings like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot. We pick six races and you’re tasked with picking the winners.

Three ways to win:

  1. Scoop6 the Win Fund with all 6 winners
  2. Any Win Fund winners play for the bonus on one selected race the following week
  3. Consolation payouts for 6 placed horses
Scoop6 update 10th April 2017
  • Good luck to today’s bonus hunter who is playing for £407,958!
  • Will you scoop a fortune with us this afternoon?